Category: Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook: Problems opening and organizing calendars

    On a relatively regular basis, I find my days packed with appointments, reminders, and meetings. At other times, I need to organize a meeting, or talk to a colleague, and need to check their availability. For these reasons, and others, I’m an active user of digital calendars. Anything that happens during the work day is […]

  • Set Outlook to only mark as read when you open an email

    A while back, a customer complained that Outlook always marked emails as read when he clicked over to another email, and wanted to know if there was a setting that would change this behavior. As it turns out, there is. Here’s how you do it:

  • Outlook: Disable the send without location prompt

    Like many others, my work days are – to some extent – made up of meetings with others. It’s not uncommon for these meetings not to have an assigned meeting room, and I find it annoying that Outlook asks me if I want to enter a meeting location:

  • Outlook: Mail merge

    I have previously written about one of my many responsibilities; contacting users whose login credentials have shown up in breach lists. While the pertinent results of the breach files are delivered to me in a flat file, I use Excel’s Text to Columns feature to separate logins (usually email addresses) from the password. While this […]

  • Outlook: Offline Mode

    From time to time, I need to run Outlook in Offline Mode. This is usually the case when I want to ensure that a mail merge has worked successfully. It is also a good option to reduce data usage when on mobile networks. Going to Offline Mode is straight forward. In Outlook, go to the […]

  • Outlook: Not all folders are synced

    Shared email boxes are a useful tool for departments needing to have a single point of contact, but whose needs do not extend so far as to need a CRM or ticket management tool. I’ve talked before about how to add them to Outlook, in which I noted that I usually uncheck the box for […]

  • Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook

    A not infrequent question at work, is how to add a second mailbox in Outlook. Here’s how:

  • Outlook: Meeting invitations added to other mailboxes

    A while back, I had a user call in, telling me that all meeting invitations she received for some reason also showed up in the inboxes of a couple of shared mailboxes. I logged in to her computer remotely, and started poking about. I tried a number of fixes, including deleting her profile and recreating it, at […]

  • Outlook: Delegate sending permissions

    Last week I showed you how to send as a different address. You might also want to allow someone else to send on behalf of you. Here’s how:

  • Outlook: Recall a sent message

    Here’s the scenario: You’ve written an email, hit send, and then realized that it shouldn’t have been sent after all, for whatever reason. It may be rude, embarrassing or contain classified information. One way to go, is to issue a recall for the email in question. Here’s how: