Endings and beginnings

An age old adage tells us that when one door closes, another opens. This feels particularly apt to me these days. As we approach christmas and New Year’s eve of 2010, I can’t help but feel nostalgic. It will be my last christmas as an employee at Orkla Shared Services, and come January 3rd, I will take up my new position with FotoWare, a Norwegian software development firm, where I will be supporting their software suite.
While I am sure I will miss my colleagues and customers, I am looking forward to taking up new challenges, and learning new skills. In particular, I am looking forward to learning to work with Mac OS, with which I only have a very bare minimum of experience.
I feel terrified at the thought of leaving the safety of knowing my job ten ways to Sunday, but the challenge is welcome, and frankly a while overdue. You can expect to read about my experiences with Mac OS X, as well as virtualization on Mac and using a totally new software suite.
Don’t worry though, I am not planning on leaving my other topics behind, either, with the exception of Lotus Notes, which I will not miss. I am already working on posts on apps for Android, and my wishes for the iPad and iOS. Yet other posts might very well be reposts of stuff I write for the corporate website.
I will miss seeing my old colleagues, some of which I’ve worked with for over four years now, but I look forward to learning new faces and names, colleagues and customers.






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