FotoWare Operations Center goes “SilverLighter”

Another of the changes brought about in FotoWare 7, SR 4, is a decreasing dependency on SilverLight in Operations Center. By running less of it in SilverLight, access to OPC is a lot quicker.
When you load OPC, it will load the front page first, then load the subsequent pages. If you switch from the settings pane to the log pane of a service, this is stored if you switch to a different service, then go back.
Additionally, as OPC loads all of the OPC pages, they will remain loaded as long as you have OPC open. This makes for not only quicker loading of OPC, but also for quicker work and switching between services.
Caveat lector: I used to work with support at FotoWare. This blog is my own space, I am not paid to write it. I write about FotoWare and FotoWare products because I believe in them.





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