Sony Reader – eBook Library

Note: For the next few posts, I will be discussing my choice of eBook, what I think of the device, the software, and finish off with a few tips for users.
One of the two CDs shipped with the Reader contained a program called eBook Library. According to Sony it is

…an Internet interface for finding and downloading eBooks from the World Public Library to the Sony eBook Reader. All 500,000 files are in either Adobe PDF or in MP3. These file formats have been selected and optimized for the Sony eBook Reader.

Simply put, this is for the Sony Reader what iTunes is for the iPod. It is software created to manage the content on the Reader, and copy new content to the Reader. It is simple to use, but has its flaws. I found it too simple, giving the user too little control.
Even so, there is one thing you will need Sony eBook Library for; upgrading the firmware on your eBook. In my next two posts, I will write about alternative software.







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