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Note: For the next few posts, I will be discussing my choice of eBook, what I think of the device, the software, and finish off with a few tips for users.
Since the firmware for the Sony Reader reached version 1.1, the Sony Reader has had support for Adobe Digital Editons, a DRM-protected format for eBooks. To use Adobe Digital Editions with your Reader, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Adobe Digital Editions website
  2. Sign up for an account (it is free)
  3. Download and install the software
  4. Authorize your computer
  5. Connect the Reader
  6. Authorize the Reader

After that is done, you simply need to buy books (which I will cover in a later post), download them, and then copy them to your Reader. You don’t actually need to use Adobe Digital Editions for this, which has an advantage; Adobe Digital Editions is unable to edit the metadata of the files.






2 responses to “Sony Reader – Adobe Digital Editions”

  1. Abu Yusuf


    Is there any way to open an e-book I downloaded in other than digital editions? I am writing a thesis and need to copy some lengthy quotes, all entirely legal under copyright law, but under digital editions I can't do that. When I downloaded the file to digital editions, any idea where it stored the file?

  2. Aleksander R. Rødner

    When you download a file, it is stored wherever you choose to download it. So, too, with the files you open in Adobe Digital Editions.

    Copy-past will only work if that has been allowed in the permissions set by the publisher.

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