Seven years, four hundred posts

The first post to this blog was made on September 14th, 2007. Since then, seven years have gone by, I have moved twice, changed jobs as many times, gotten married and become a father, and embarked on a bachelor’s degree. The blog has gone from being hosted on Blogger to being hosted on WordPress, and I have moved it from a subdomain to the primary domain where you find it now.

By no means the first online presence I have had (the first was hosted by IBM back in 1996, the second was on now defunct GeoCities), this blog is the one over which I have had the most control, from which I have learned the most, and which has offered the most permanence.

This is the four hundredth entry I have made. They range from my forays into Linux to the sunk cost fallacy, and everything in between (and a lot of things not connected at all. They all belong here due to the simple fact that I say they do.

I have no plans to stop writing now. I have far too much still to cover, such as my forays into Linux and OBIEE. The topics will continue to be varied, and other topics to come are book reviews, change management and really, whatever else I find the time and inspiration to write about.






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