2014 roundup

Another year, another roundup. 2014 has been far less turbulent than 2013, for which I am grateful. I have held the same job throughout the year, and studied Project and Service Management in the first half of the year. After the summer, I turned to Change Management (with a bit of project management and strategy thrown in for good measure. I have yet to blog on that subject, when I do, it will be under the category T227.

As before, the topics throughout the year have been varied, and many only belong here because I say they do. That’s how I like it; this blog is equal parts knowledge base,  sounding board and therapy session. The topics are far less eclectic than are my interests, and that is actually saying quite a lot.

In January and February  , the focus was on ITIL, while March saw solutions to specific challenges. April was a bit all over the place, while May and June had more solutions, tips & tricks. July, August and September saw me starting out with Linux, while I in October celebrated four hundred posts to the blog, a milestone of which I am very proud.  November had a number of book reviews, which spilled over into December, along with a couple of specific solutions and my first ever revisit of a previous topic.

2014 has seen a far more consistent posting rate from me than I have managed before, and I hope to be able to keep it up in 2015. I have a number of topics on the notepad, and, as is the nature of my job and studies, new topics tend to pop up from time to time. At any rate, the year to come promises a bit of excitement, too.

All that remains is to wish you all a very happy new year, and thank you for following me through 2014.





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