#BTS: A number puzzle

The second brain teaser saturday is here, and here, for your puzzling pleasure, is this week’s brain teaser (feel free to post your solution in the comments):


And now: the solution to last week’s puzzle:


  • Titles: Software Architect, Senior Engineer, CTO, Engineer, Support technician
  • Cars: Volkswagen e-Up!, Mercedes CLK, Skoda Octavia, Citroën Berlingo, BMW 110i
  • Names: Thomasson, Akers, Jameson, Liddell, Daniels
  • The Software Architect was not first, second or fifth
  • Thomasson was not first, fourth or fifth
  • Thomasson is not the Software Architect
  • The driver of the Skoda Octavia was not first, fourth or fifth
  • The driver of the the Volkswagen e-Up! was fourth or fifth
  • The CTO was third or fourth
  • The CTO was not on the Skoda Octavia or Citroën Berlingo
  • The driver of the the Citroën Berlingo was fourth or fifth
  • The driver of the the Skoda Octavia was before the CTO
  • The Senior Engineer was Second
  • Daniels was Fourth
  • Engineer Jameson was first or third
  • Thomasson was not from the BMW 110i
  • Liddell arrived before Thomasson, so he must be first or second

Theory: Thomasson is the Senior Engineer

Let’s test it:

  1. Liddell
  2. Senior Engineer Thomasson
  3. Engineer Jameson
  4. Software Architect Daniels
  5. Volkswagen e-Up!

This fails, because the CTO was third or fourth. Hence, Thomasson must be third. Let’s assemble a list of personnel and titles:

  1. Engineer Jameson
  2. Senior Engineer Liddell
  3. CTO Thomasson
  4. Software Architect Daniels
  5. Support technician Akers – These two are the ones left when placing the other eight

The personnell and titles fit well, and there seem to be no discrepancies. We then add the cars, and end up with the following list, in order of arrival:

  1. Engineer Jameson in a BMW 110i
  2. Senior Engineer Liddell in a Skoda Octavia
  3. CTO Thomasson in a Mercedes CLK
  4. Software Architect Daniels in a Citroën Berlingo
  5. Support technician Akers in a Volkswagen e-Up!

That works out well, with no apparent discrepancies.

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