AD: Inspecting object attributes

A little while ago, I was asked about when a specific user last logged in with their active directory (AD) user account. While looking up that information was easily done, finding out how to look up the information was a mite more challenging. There are a number of ways of achieving it; including command line and Powershell commands. My preferred way of doing it is using the Attribute Editor in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC). Here’s how:

  1. Open ADUC
  2. Go to View, and activate Advanced Features
  3. Search AD for the account in question, and open its properties
  4. Go to the Object tab, and make a note of where (which OU) the account is located
  5. Browse to the OU and open properties of the object
  6. Go to the Attribute Editor tab

From there, you can browse the attributes set on the AD Object. In this specific case, you will want the “lastLogonTimestamp” attribute:

AD Object Properties window, showing the Attribute Editor tab, with the "lastLogonTimestamp" attribute highlighted






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