Favorite things in 2019

For the fourth year running, I am writing a favorite things post. This time around, I’ll highlight things that have made my life better in some way. The red thread here is information management, and each and every one of these has been featured at some point through the year.

  • OneNote
    • As I noted in my post back in March, OneNote has replaced Bear writer for my note-taking. While Bear remains a beautiful piece of software, the lack of OS support makes it unfit for my use, as I need to have my notes available on multiple platforms.
  • Rocketbook
    • It should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I am a proponent of hand-written notes. On the other hand, digitizing them is also useful, and while taking photos certainly works, the scanning and destination features of Rocketbook has been very useful to me.
  • ReMarkable
    • What if you could combine an e-book reader with a notebook? What if the experience of writing on it is very nearly like writing on paper? That’s what reMarkable is all about. Very much a niche product, it has been excellent for me, and I use it for studies, work, and personal stuff.

There you have it; three things that have helped me with my information management. I like – and use – all three, and see them as complementary to each other, rather than direct replacements.





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