iPhone: Using Apple Pay with facial recognition

I enabled Apple Pay on my iPhone shortly after it became available in Norway. Some time after that, however, I was pickpocketed, and got a new phone. While my previous one was one of the models with a fingerprint scanner, I replaced it with one with facial recognition. It took me a little while to figure out how to use Apple Pay with it. In case someone else are in that same situation.

When grocery shopping a few weeks ago, the cashier said they didn’t know how Apple Pay worked with facial recognition after seeing me use the feature. I showed them how it worked, and it struck me that this is something that might not be as commonly known as I had assumed. Here, then, is how you use it.

Obviously, before you can use the feature, you must set up Apple Pay. Once done, you simply click the side button twice, verify your face, and then touch the phone to the payment terminal. While I haven’t tested it with a stop watch, it’s been my experience that you have somewhere between thirty and sixty seconds before you’ll be asked to re-verify.

Usefully, if you have more than one card set up in Apple pay, you can also choose which card to pay with once you’ve opened Apple pay.



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