Microsoft Teams: Dial tone when calling in to meeting

Since starting to use Microsoft Teams, I’ve been encountering an issue when calling in to meetings; when joining a meeting, I’d get a loud buzzing on top of the meeting audio. Said buzzing was reminiscent of dial tones of yore. Digging into it a bit, I found that the buzzing ceased when I exited Skype for Business. Looking further, I was able to solve the issue by disabling the dial tone in sound settings. Here’s how:

  1. Search for Sound in the Windows search box
  2. Go to the Sounds tab
  3. Under Program Events, scroll down to Skype for Business
  4. Find and select Dial Tone
  5. Switch the sound to None
  6. Click Apply, then OK

Screenshot of Sound settings, Dial Tone has been selected, and set to None.



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