Low-skill recruiting is spam

My experience with recruiters has become somewhat of a recurring theme here on the blog, and for good reason. For some reason, my LinkedIn profile attracts a relatively regular stream of them. Here is one example that I would like to draw your attention to – identites hidden to protect the inept:

The recruiter:

Picture of text with three black blocks redacting information. Text reads:

Intern - International Export and Trade

First off, and according to their headline, the recruiter isn’t a recruiter at all. They are an intern in international export and trade with a company that, as far as I know, only ever do recruiting for themselves – if that.. Looking at their profile, however, I find that they have a second internship as a “Talent Acquisition Intern” with a different company. Strange, but OK.

The pitch:

Picture of text (some of it redacted):

 Join REDACTED as an ambitious senior App Developer!
Hello, Aleksander R.!

I hope your day is great so far! I'm REDACTED and working with REDACTED to find their next senior App developer!
Join building a revolutionary infrastructure for the future! The idea is simple. One app to open all doors - REDACTED. User-friendly and straightforward, the future is here, why not be part of it?
Your experience within exciting app-development is a great fit for the role. Why not take this opportunity to experience Oslo first hand, or even explore their newly opened offices in Stockholm?

As app developer, you will work with end-to-end app development via exciting tech such as Flutter and Firebase! You are also in close dialogue with product and tech team in implementing new features to take the app to the next level! Innovation and development is integral to the company - and you’ll become part of a creative workplace.

The idea seems interesting, though there are at least three apps on the Norwegian market aiming to solve this exact issue – with varying rates of success. I don’t really see the need for another one. Leaving the business side of things alone for the moment, it is painfully obvious that this intern hasn’t bothered to have even a cursory look at my profile.

I base this on two factors. First, the only development experience I list in my profile is interacting with development teams in a functional test or support capacity. Second, my profile lists me as being located in Oslo. I “experience Oslo first hand” on a daily basis.

This is a very low skill attempt at getting results, and the worst part of it all is that they might actually find some candidates desperate enough to be allowed to waste their time.





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