State of the Blog 2022

True to tradition, I’m writing a summer retrospective post. Meant to be the summer counterpart to my end-of-year roundup series, some information will naturally be duplicated across the two series of posts.

After more than two years of varying measures to combat coronavirus, all measures were lifted in Norway a few months ago now, and life is finally returning to some semblance of normalcy – including the first properly celebrated 17th of May since before the pandemic.

My duties as head of my union local has certainly taken their toll, as we negotiated both wages as well as a new local tariff agreement. As I did two years ago, I cooperated with my counterparts in the other unions where I work to deliver demands to the negotiations, a tactic that seems to have worked well this time around, too.

The nosedive the blog readership took after I redid the permalink setup of the blog seems to have stabilized, and fluctuates between 1000 and 1600 monthly readers. As I’ve noted ad nauseam by now, I write for a readership of one – everyone else is simply a bonus.

The year thus far has featured a lot of how to-pieces (many of them about MS Excel), as well as a fair amount of opinion-pieces. I’ve also continued ragging on recruiters – and I’ll continue doing so as long as recruiters continue being stupid, dishonest, and/or lazy.

Like I noted last year, finding the time and inspiration to blog has been a bit of a challenge, though something always has come up. I have decided, however, to repeat my summer hiatus, and you can expect me back in the middle of August.





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