Recruiter or scammer? You decide!

If you needed – which I doubt – any further proof that many of the job hucksters on LinkedIn don’t even bother checking your profile, here’s another installation in my series Adventures in Recruiterland. The day after the last post in that series was published, Kiran contacted me:

Low-skill recruiting is spam

My experience with recruiters has become somewhat of a recurring theme here on the blog, and for good reason. For some reason, my LinkedIn profile attracts a relatively regular stream of them. Here is one example that I would like to draw your attention to – identites hidden to protect the inept:

Adventures in recruiterland: A counterpoint of sorts

I have, in three previous posts written about recruiters, good and bad (though, let’s face it, I’ve mostly spoken about the bad). As most of the recruiters I’ve talked about have fallen squarely in the “bad” category, here’s a counterpoint of sorts. Though not bad, it’s certanly not good either. The initial contact looked like… Continue reading Adventures in recruiterland: A counterpoint of sorts

Further adventures in recruiter-land

I’ve previously written about my experience with three different recruiters, as well as the problems I’ve had with inept recruiters. Today, I’d like to look at another few examples, both to show how not to do it, as well as to showcase what I consider to be red flags.