More recruitment spamming

As much as I maintain that showing the world how these spammy folks operate, they still keep trying. Here’s another example which is a mixed bag of good and bad:

The first red flag here is the generic and bland text. I’m sure this works on some people, but I’ve seen similar crap before. The next red flag is that their profile name has nothing at all in common with the name that they sign with. I’ve seen that before, and it’s always a sign that I’m talking to another one of these hucksters.

I asked my standard questions (in-office or telecommuting, name of the client, pay scale, and a general job description. The only thing I got in return was very broad wishlist of skills which essentially amounts to tier one support representative. I already know I’m not going to apply, but let’s get a little more information before we turn it down, why don’t we? I once again asked them to give me the information I asked for.

This time around, I get the name of the client; a company well-known for their poor working conditions and exploitative use of consultancy contracts. I press further, and am finally rewarded with this:

Now, as this is being written, the industry standard base pay is around 560’000 per year. They are approaching me, with my nineteen years of relevant experience, asking me to take a downward move at a serious pay cut? Yeah, that’s just not happening.






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