Favorite things in 2020

For the fifth year running, I’m sharing my favorite things of the year. There’s no denying 2020 has been a hard year on so many of us. Here are some things that have made the year a little better for me:

Favorite things in 2019

For the fourth year running, I am writing a favorite things post. This time around, I’ll highlight things that have made my life better in some way. The red thread here is information management, and each and every one of these has been featured at some point through the year.

Favorite things in 2017

Like last year, I am writing a favorite things post. 2017 has been an exciting and interesting year in terms of discoveries, and I have found a number of new toys and tools that help me in my pursuits. This year they fall neatly into two categories; those related to my video and photo pursuits,… Continue reading Favorite things in 2017

Favorite things in 2016

Inspired by the series of videos by the Tested crew, here are my favourite things of 2016. These are things that I have discovered or started using, which have changed – and improved – some aspect of my life.