The trifecta of recruitment hucksters

Posting about recruitment hucksters doing recruitment has a number of purposes. First and foremost, I believe raising awareness about these things is important, and this is a good way to do so. Secondly, I think it’s also important to showcase how I evaluate (and how I’d suggest others evaluate) recruiting overtures. Thirdly, it’s proven to be an effective way to keep them quiet for a little while.

This time around, I present to you Vanshika, Aditi, and Sagile. Curiously, they all appear to be recruiting for the exact same position:

I could show you more, but honestly, it’s all stuff I’ve seen – and showcased – before. I’d like to unpack the problem with the pitch, however. There are some pretty important red flags, and they aren’t necessarily obvious.

First of all, the initial pitch. It’s not so much a pitch as a “hey, are you looking for work”-cold call. It is, in fact, spam. Second, when I request details, they fail to respond to my specific request, and instead spew out a very standard copy-paste blurb that doesn’t actually answer most (if any) of my questions.

Third, when pressed about compensation, their listed rate is significantly below industry standard for someone with a newly minted craft certificate – nevermind a bachelor’s degree and the better part of two decades of applicable experience.

Now, you might wonder why I don’t take steps to avoid them. After all, requiring someone to use InMail (part of LinkedIns premium features) would prevent some, if not all, of these. The reason is that I do want people to have the option to contact me using LinkedIn, and I’d rather filter out the spammy hucksters than stop legitimate folks from contacting me.

Funnily enough, another of these hucksters – Saba – from the same company as Sagile – contacted me shortly after I’d rebuffed the previous three. Naturally, my response to all of them has been the same:

Picture of text:
Let us review:

The position is a lateral - or possibly even downward - move, in a non-permanent position, paying not only significantly below industry standard, but also significantly less than I am currently making.

Now, add to that the fact that you are the fourth recruiter (from three different companies) trying to pitch me on this (or at least an identical) position, and I believe you can estimate my interest levels with reasonable accuracy.







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