2013 roundup

It’s been a while since I did one of these, but I guess it’s about time.

2013 has been a turbulent year for me. It started with me as a dad on parental leave, doing my best to get through my first course of university studies. About one third through the year, I started to look for a new job, and I started work at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in July. Leaving the world of product support behind, I have in part returned to general support, while taking on a new role in managing apprentices.

It seems to me that 2013 has become the year that crowdfunding became mainstream. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo report record earnings, and I have helped fund a number of interesting projects myself. Crowdfunding and selfpublishing have become serious competition for established vendors and publishing houses. I think this is a good development.

The internet continues to develop faster than human ethics and morals, pushing our boundaries further. The backlash from national governments has similarly increased, giving us attempts at controlling the medium in ways that makes users rebel and protest. Though SOPA and PIPA failed to make it through the houses of US parliament, the EU Data Retention Directive has yet to be repealed. Edward Snowden leaked a large number of NSA papers, causing an uproar.

In January, I focused on the products made by my former employer, while February was part Mac-stuff, part op-ed. Similarly, March continued in the vein of opinion-pieces targeting copyright, while April and May was part related to studies, and part related to my former employer. June and July was a mish-mash of Fotoware-stuff and Mac/Apple/iOS articles, while August, September, October, November and December had a good mix of different topics, from Windows administrator tips and tricks, to op-eds and site announcements.

Writing this blog has been a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work. Most of all, though, I enjoy it. I enjoy the outlet of writing, and I enjoy sharing what I am learning, thinking and experiencing.

Happy New Year. I will have more content for you in 2014!



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