A further metric for support

I have previously written about key metrics for support departments – and I stand by everything I said then. I have, however, come to the conclusion that another metric should be placed under consideration. A quick recap, however, of the metrics I proposed then, as well as what they are intended to measure:

  • Resolution rate
    • The resolution rate speaks to the performance of the support department. Higher resolution rates means that the operations department spends less time fighting fires and more time performing work.
  • Percent correct and approved
    • %CA measures the quality of the support seen from the customer point of view
  • Resolution time
    • Resolution time speaks to how we are managing our workload

The metric I want considered is the percentage of tickets being sent back to a previous tier. Now, some tickets have to be sent back, and that is both natural and good. When, however, a ticket is sent back because it is insufficiently documented, that is a cause for concern, and should be addressed. By implementing this metric, you send a message that the quality of escalated tickets matters.

In combination with the Kepner-Tregoe problem analysis (red) card this should result in tickets that are more accurately and precisely documented.



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