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Reviewed: Bose QC 35 II

As I noted in my review of Bose NC700, I found the pass-through functionality to be as tiring as the noise cancelling. Soon after completing that review, I concluded that the combined effect of that and the lack of a collapsing feature meant that they were not for me. Being a long-time Bose user, there was really only one option for me; the Bose QC 35 II. Here’s my review:

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Job search: Red flags

Having been part of the work force for a long time now, I have also interviewed with a number of companies. Sometimes I have completely ignored what were, in hindsight, relatively obvious red flags, while at oher times identifying such red flags has helped me avoid jobs that wouldn’t have been a good fit for me. Here, then, is an overview of some of these:

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iPhone: Using Apple Pay with facial recognition

I enabled Apple Pay on my iPhone shortly after it became available in Norway. Some time after that, however, I was pickpocketed, and got a new phone. While my previous one was one of the models with a fingerprint scanner, I replaced it with one with facial recognition. It took me a little while to figure out how to use Apple Pay with it. In case someone else are in that same situation.

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Replacing Premiere Pro

When I wrote my series on a video editing workflow back in 2017, I had settled on Adobe Premiere Pro as my video editing suite of choice. Despite the rather hefty price tag, I felt the toolset it provided me with – particularly the ability to synchronise clips based on audio profile – was worth it. Since then, I started encountering some usability bugs when editing clips from certain cameras, and let multi-cam support be multi-cam support, replacing it entirely with iMovie.

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Information management: Need To Know -v- Free Access

In security thinking, there are two basic concepts of access. One is Need To Know, the other is Free Access. Under Need To Know, access is only granted to those who have a specific need to access the information, regardless of what the information is. This should be familiar from all too many movies and TV shows, where the protagonist demands access to files, and is told “You don’t have a need to know”.

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PowerShell: Check Remote Computer Disk Capacity

From time to time, I get tickets where one of many possible root causes may be a full disk. While accessing this information over RDP is often an option, it is rather more intrusive than needed. What’s more, I usually don’t have access to access file servers over RDP. Enter PowerShell and the get-WmiObject query!

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